Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pico de Loro 2015

I forgot this happened.

Naw I'm lying. I just never got around to blogging about this trip. We went to Pico sometime last month; meanwhile, I got back from another Batangas beach trip just last week. (The latter went undocumented for unknown reasons.)

Oh look it's da parentals. Hi parentals.

Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell. I dunno what it is about the beach that makes reading so damn chill, but there was just something about the sound of the waves and the setting sun that made for a great late afternoon read.

On that note, the entire trip was pretty chill.

The place had this ace lake (pond?) where you could feed some fishes. Honestly, it felt like a big set up for some horror flick. With the many facilities this place had (a karaoke place, bowling alley, kids daycare, etc.), it almost felt like I was just waiting for a cult to come and murder me. Guests arrive, they get brainwashed, and before they know it they're in some freaky Human Centipede meets Hostel kind of situation.

Members of the resort could meanwhile massacre guests (ala Hostel), the hierarchy of which was dictated by your wealth in terms of which room you booked. I joked that the dead remains and bodies were dumped in the huge lake. (It got pretty creepy at night, and I almost half-expected some limb to reach out to me from the depths of the lake.)

Inside housed some framed pencil art installation. I don't know why, but they made me think of Ana.

Getting away from the city brings you closer to the stars. It made me happy... and it also made me wish I had a dSLR with those screens that flip out.

There was this hanging bridge that was insanely wobbly, and it led to a small patch of land in the middle of the lake. We first discovered it at night, and it got a little creepy, especially after I -- still running on the whole cult thing -- joked that the small island was where the 'sacrifices' took place to summon some kind of demon lord, or maybe to appease the cult leader.

SHRUG You never really know. Especially since this place is owned by da hotshots a.k.a. SM Group.

But hey, spotted in SONYA'S GARDEN OF ALL PLACES was my favorite shirt ever.

The cardinal rule of Sonya's Garden is to never leave without at least one picture of flowers. I broke this rule the last time I went there.

Tagaytay was crazy traffic on the way home, so we took some other, obscure (and freezing) route that led to the Marcos house. Very interesting. Very haunting.

There is also a video, because why wouldn't there be a video?

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