Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some Food, Some Alcohol, and Some Jam

Last weekend Jam celebrated her birthday by treating us out to dinner at Borough and a gig at Route 196. I was really excited because I had never eaten at Borough, and I LOVE going to gigs, and of course because I was going to see some of my favorite people!

There are some people (loljk, just two) who, when I see, make me very happy no matter how long or short it has been since I last saw them. One of them is Janelle.

I've been spending a lot of time with Terry this past month, come to think of it. So much that I have just been gaining weight and inside jokes.

Leftovers photography 2012. EVERYTHING I ATE AT BOROUGH WAS DELICIOOOOUUUS!!! As in everything. Like all the hype was legit and I wanna go baaaack for the yummy noms.

And then we stepped outside for some pictures and then this happened.

I don't understand but that comes with PGPS territory.

Jam and her younger brother J-- ... I will naively assume his name is Joseph.

Jam was really happy that her brother consented to some pictures because he seems to hate being photographed. Perhaps this was his own personal birthday gift to his ~*~ate~*~? WHO KNOWS LOL

Proof: he was shaking his head "no" when I tried taking a picture with his mom. Oh well.

This was the most decent shot we got of the whole family, except Joseph (I sincerely hope this is his name) got cut out. GOOD GOING TERRY (she took this picture)

Maronne, being the vain betch she always is. You know what else she is? Oh, just an ANIMAX ANI-MATE FINALIST I MEAN CAN I JUST OHMYGOD?!?!?!?!? You can't imagine how proud I am of her. GO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY LIKING HER COSPLAY PAGE AND GOING TO THE ANIMAX PH PAGE AND VOTING FOR HER IN THE POLL OKAAAAY!!!

Really Animax. You'd be doing the anime community good by just picking Maronne already. I mean KAMON I MEAN I MEAN I MEAN

Because Alex's face always needs a solo shot.

Pangetface and Jam's youngest budda, John Paul. (Now this name, I'm sure of.)

The CSB kids were the first to leave, so Jam wanted a picture with them before they went home. Also, that is John Paul pulling a Gangnam Style.

Then we went to Route 196 for a gig and saw our friend Forrest perform! It was refreshing to attend a gig where I wasn't required to document at all (like I have in the past few months, but more on that in a separate post one day) and could just bask in the feeling of being in that kind of crowd again. Not that I enjoyed myself at all during those gig assignments I had (because I did, like, IMMENSELY); it's just that this time I had no pressure of documenting all the bands and meeting a picture quota. It was great.

And here is a picture of slightly buzzed!Ina. Outfit deets are here and a related post is here. It was so rad that I got to attend a gig with friends again without any work obligations. That also meant... I could drink as much as I wanted, BUT LOL SOMETHING HAPPENED ON THE WAY HOME HAHAHA. Maybe I had one Red Horse too many, but I leaned back in my car seat (something I know I shouldn't do, but my intoxicated mind probably threw that thought out the window), ended up dizzy, and puked. Inside Jam's car. Basically:

Jam: Ina, are you okay?
Ina: *hunched over* I'm puking.

(About a minute later...)

Terry: Ina, are you okay?
Ina: *spits into puddle of vomit* Yes.

HAHAHAHAHA I KNOW RIGHT. So ~*~classy~*~ HAHAHA I'M STILL SO SORRY JAAAAM! That was the first and only time I have ever puked inside a car. Save for maybe those possible times when I was a baby. But you get it. I promise to keep in mind not to lean back/lie down when I've had a sufficient amount of alcohol in my body that can get me buzzed.

I might vow never to drink Red Horse ever again though. That night marked my third Red Horse night ever, the first resulted in SLUSHNMUSH: The Sequel. The second wasn't bad, but it gave me a really bad headache (which is expected since Red Horse is notorious for its strong hit -- IT'S CALLED RED HORSE FOR A REASON). The morning after Jam's celebration, my hands and legs were trembling/numbing, which is a normal body effect I have after a night of exhaustion (especially when mixed with lots of alcohol), but... I don't wanna risk it.

Psh I say that now but for all I know I might end up with another bottle of Red Horse anyway. Maybe I  should make a Tomador Tales tag since that's what my mom calls me anyway HAHA.

Jam's ex-bandmate, Cash. I really wanted to go to his band's EP launch (especially since I'm friends with his bandmate Pat) but that was the night before my Math finals.

And here is a picture of us mocking Pat's square head (SO HAPPY I GOT TO SEE HIM THOUGH 'CAUSE PRIOR TO THIS NIGHT THE LAST TIME WE SAW EACH OTHER WAS LIKE MORE THAN A YEAR AGO OR SMTHN) with our new friends EJ and... I think his name was Ben? Omg tell me I'm not wrong.

THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN FOR THE MAGICAL NIGHT JAM! Perpetual apologies for the barf I left in your car. I promise to vomit out the window next time.

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