Monday, November 12, 2012

The Actual Crown(ing Glory)

I would just like to share that I dyed my hair while I was in Hong Kong. I figured, hey, my roots are growing out, I'll be having my graduation picture (!) taken once I go home, and I may as well try those Japanese hair dye brands that I can't find in the Philippines, let's do it! I wanted something nice just in time for my grad pic.

For reference, here is a picture of my hair color just before dyeing. I didn't realize how saturated my hair was under the light until this picture happened.

This was the dye I got. I was 100% sure that my hair wasn't gonna turn into the color of that doll on the box, but I had hopes that it'd do SOMETHING with my hair color and make it nice and ashy or wtvr.

Sadly, the effect backfired.

If anything, all the dye did was get rid of all the red I had and made my hair a very natural, albeit average and boring, color. It was almost black (in fact it looks pretty black in these pictures). Not that I don't like black -- I dyed my hair a jet black last year and loved it -- I just don't want it with my current hair length. I'm game for black hair, so long as my hair length is either really long or really short. My current hair length is neither; it's in between.

You can see here though that it was at least brown under the light, with my roots being the lightest for some reason.

After a few washes it turned into this color: less black, more brown. 

About another week later I decided to dye my hair again in hopes of getting it back somewhere, and I used this brand called "Palty". I didn't take a picture of the box or of my hair color now, but for reference here's the actual image used on the box:

It was another ash color, but this one seemed like it had a twinge of something akin to lavender. On the box at least. All this dye did was make my hair slightly lighter, browner. AND IT MADE MY ALREADY LIGHT ROOTS A LOT LIGHTER TOO LOL. Too lazy to take a photo, but wtvr. I still have a box or two of my reddish hair dye so I can always turn to that if I can't deal with my current color. This wasn't what I was going for though, for my grad pic...

Also, check out my hair length! As of this post (but not the picture above), it's been more than half a year since I cut my hair short. My hair is in a very weird place right now, both in length and color. I can't stand my regular, air-dried and unstyled hair at its current length. I often find myself tying it back into a bun when I'm in school, or letting it get a bit dirty and messing the curls up after a bun. I'VE ALWAYS HATED FLYAWAYS WITH A BURNING PASSION, TOO.

I'm planning a major haircut come summer time and a hair color idea in December. Fingers crossed that they pull through and turn out well!

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