Thursday, January 8, 2015

BTS: Alex + Ana

Here is a video of some snippets from my shoot with Alex, which mostly involves putting on makeup at the speed of light, and an annoying child:

And then there is this gorgeous BTS vid from my shoot with Ana, c/o the wonderful Carlos:

There are also some snippets in that video that give you a ~*~sneak peek~*~ into Vol. II of the shoot, hoho. Carlos takes SUCH great BTS videos; he also made one from one of my thesis shoots, which you can find here. I especially love his ambient shots; they really set the mood and give a more artistic feel to behind-the-scenes footage.

I've always loved BTS stuff from shoots. They're always so insightful and just generally fun to watch. Thanks again to Terry for helping out with BTS and the shoot itself with Alex, and to Carlos for the same with Ana's shoot!

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