Friday, March 8, 2013

#THESISIT: Unfinished Business

The title for this story is a little self-explanatory. It's basically about a lingering spirit wandering the land of the living because she has some unfinished business to take care of. What that business really is, well, I'll leave that as an open interpretation. The entire shoot was consistently photographed with this white cloth (which many must be sick of by now, because I've been using it in shoots for years!) because it actually symbolizes the unfinished business that is attached to the spirit, and because of it she cannot pass on into the light just yet.

The flowers used in this shoot were actually from the bouquet I had as a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding the night before the shoot. I brought it just in case, because you never know right?

Ana's shoot was actually the first thesis shoot that involved a helping hand, a.k.a. Carlos Rosales! He even made a BTS video which is omgwtfbbq so pretty YOU HAFTA WATCH IT OKAY!!! If only all my shoots had bts footage like this one. This is also what practically all of my shoots look like: me, the model, and a huge mess HAHAHAHA Thank you so much for all the help Carlos!

One of my favorite shots from the entire thesis was also from this shoot a.k.a. the cover shot!

Again, the following are some outtakes that I didn't include in the thesis, although this time it was mostly because the shots were already a little too similar to the others.

The thing about Ana's shoot is that it actually had one more set that was completely cut out of the study. I didn't include it because it didn't seem to fit well in the theme, which is kinda sad because we had to wait for nighttime to shoot, and we kind of struggled a bit to get some decent shots. It just didn't meet thesis quality, I suppose. Nevertheless, here are a few shots that I liked enough to share!

Thank you so much for always being game, Ana. :") And thank you for all the help, Carlos!!!

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