Saturday, January 3, 2015

First Shoot 2015

Happy 2015! Alex was kind enough to invite some of us over to her place to hang (and to indulge in yet another shoot request) today, and this was the outcome of the latter. It was a very simple and quick shoot, made all the more fun by the company I was surrounded by. I'm glad I got to have a shoot so early on in the year, as I feel like I wasn't able to do much of it during the latter half of last year.

I won't bother making a 2014 recap, because if I ever will blog about what 2014 was to me, I'd rather give it its own post, as I'd like to avoid putting any negativity in this post (2014 was just... sigh).

Also, for some reason, some of these shots look a little yellowish when I uploaded them on the Blogspot. Especially that last photo! It's really annoying. Please send help.

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