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Just another ~*~makeup haul~*~ post.

I recently attended the Epic Fest Bazaar at the Metrotent over the weekend. This was prompted after a good discussion about -- what else, makeup -- with Alex and Terry and trying to coerce Alex to start a makeup blog/start blogging about makeup already. Anyway! There was this booth that was selling a lot of E.L.F. stuff for really cheap; practically actual E.L.F prices! I got this brush set (which was prolly my most expensive buy at the bazaar) because I've been wanting more duo-fibre brushes, especially at much smaller sizes. We got this for 20% off because the booth was either having a sale because it was already the end of the day, or they just had some promo on. I also got another basic eyeshadow brush because it was really cheap.

Said booth was also selling Wet n Wild lipsticks, and I've been on the hunt for the Vamp It Up shade everywhere, but for some reason could not find at regular cosmetics stores. I FINALLY FOUND IT AT THE BOOTH THOUGH!!! And for half its regular retail price, even. I was so ecstatic that I got two... also because I'm petrified I may never see the shade again, lol.

From another booth, I got a liquid highlighter by MeMeMe for Php200, which I think is a little cheaper than its regular retail price. This reminded me of one of the Benefit liquid highlighters, though I don't know if this is a good dupe or not, seeing as I've never owned any of those Benefit ones.

Not pictured (because I forgot to include it, lol) is a bent eyeliner brush that I got for 50 bucks. I've been wanting an eyeliner brush like that for ages but could never really find it elsewhere. I think I first and last encountered something like it at the Landmark department store, except it was in the nail art section, haha. Dunno why I never bothered getting it then.

Here are some additional buys from a week or two prior to the bazaar. This Jazzy Collections "lip gloss" (that's what it calls itself) is one of those liquid lipsticks that dry matte. I really like this shade; as I mentioned in my previous makeup haul post, I've been kind of going around looking for brown lippie shades. While I was no longer on the market after that haul, this kinda just lured me in. It dries dark, and matte, and it really is kiss proof (one of its claims). I find that it comes off when eating, but I'm not sure if it's particular with just oily foods because I was eating nachos when I wore this and when some cheese got on my lips, some of the color came along with it.

I've been eyeing the Too Cool For School BB Foundation Lunch Box for a while now; I first saw it in Hong Kong, before TCFS finally made it to Manila. The foundation itself smells pretty good, but I think my favorite part of this lunchbox is the concealer that comes with it; it's really brightening on the under eye area!

Two other things I forgot to include in the collective image (man I seem to do that a lot) were these two other Wet n Wild lippies. Sugar Plum Fairy is a more magenta shade, whereas Ravin' Raisin is a bit more on the muted purple spectrum. Another thing I got from Wet n Wild, except LOL I TOTES FORGOT TO PHOTOGRAPH IT, was the Comfort Zone palette. I've been wanting it for a while now because of the shade on the bottom half corner; I'm a sucker for duochromes, man.

And here are some swatches!

Here's a shot of all the swatches after I vigorously rubbed my hand with some tissue. You can see that the Jazzy Collections shade was really stubborn, whereas the Wet n Wild lippies left a stain.

I forgot to mention in my previous makeup haul post, but after I made that, I did a massive makeup purge. Threw out a lot of nasty expired stuff and gave away a lot of other things I was no longer using. It felt great. Like jumping in a pool on a hot day. Or something.

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