Friday, June 14, 2013

March 2013

Besides March being the graduation month, I also associated the month as gaming month. I played Journey for the first time (and cried at the ending -- prior to this I had never cried because something was so beautiful) and it struck me so hard that I even made an outfit inspired by it. I also finally played Kingdom Hearts, and it is public knowledge that I never progressed in the first KH game as a kid (I only made it as far as Traverse Town, and almost always stayed in the First District -- I was THAT afraid), because I was so intimidated by everything. What pushed me to finally give in was probably because I saw Pewdiepie give it a try, though that didn't last for long because he eventually abandoned it.

Now, a word of warning, if you were like me and only really played KH2, the first KH game will be a headache. I am not exaggerating. Playing the game gave me a migraine because the controls were so wonky (many a time I spent 10-20 minutes trying to jump to a platform just for a stupid treasure chest, other times the varying camera angles were so dizzying) and THERE WERE NO MAPS. YOU MIGHT'VE TAKEN THE MAPS FOR GRANTED IN KH2, BUT THEY ARE ACTUALLY A GODSEND. A lot of times I didn't know where I was going or if a door would lead me elsewhere or if it was just there for decoration. ESPECIALLY IN HOLLOW BASTION. OH GODS. I was using a walkthrough the entire time I was making my way to the Maleficent boss battle because Hollow Bastion in KH1 is mega confusing. BASICALLY, 80% OF MY GAMEPLAY INVOLVED THE WORDS "RAGE," "TABLEFLIP," AND "FRUSTRATING." Especially the tableflip. The last time I played KH was in April, before I left for HK again, and it involved going back to Hollow Bastion for a boss battle. I have not touched KH since. A shame because I was nearing the end. Maybe one of these days I'll brave the headache and finish it once and for all...

Back to the discussion on the month of March, okay, graduation. And the Baccalaureate mass. Which made me so happy and sad at the same time and it just gave me a lot of feels. It was a nice 'congratulations-kids-you-made-it-you're-gonna-graduate' celebration, but it was also bittersweet and watching the fireworks made me tear up a bit because I was brought back to my first Paskuhan and ultimately my first Thomasian fireworks show. This one was my last. I miss my blockmates. I am emotional.

I also attended my friend Luisa's exhibit at Big Bad Wolf with Maronne! Here are some photos from that day:

I had never been to Big Bad Wolf before this, and I very rarely get to attend exhibits (and exhibit openings, for that matter), so this was a nice, quaint affair.

Maronne and I drew on Luisa's guestbook. This is obviously not my illustration.

Maronne and I stepped out for a bit to grab a drink at this Mexican place, and since they were fairly new, we were treated to taste-test some pizza! It was interesting. And it tasted very much like how the brand should taste.

And of course, a picture of Luisa herself! Congrats again bb!!!

In contrast to this lengthy video, I probably won't have an April 2013 vlog, mostly because the two life happenings that happened in April both have their own respective spots on future outfit vlogs that I have yet to work on. The length of this video made it look like I had so much life happenings, when in reality... I am a loser who sits in front of their computer reading fanfiction on a daily basis. Truth. There was only a lot of video footage this time because it just so happened that I graduated in March and got to go to Palawan for the first time too! Which will have its own corresponding post one of these days. Our Palawan trip actually ended on the first of April, but most of the trip was still within the month of March so I decided to include it in this video diary as well.

To conclude, here is a photo that I found in the middle of my March files. It is of a McDonalds takeout, and I believe this happened on my way home from the exhibit. Enjoy.

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