Wednesday, May 29, 2013

#THESISIT: The Drifter

The Drifter is about a boy wanting to explore the outdoors out of the confines of home, and is a reflection of children's innocence and how they are capable of making an adventure out of anything. It has themes of wanderlust and was inspired by the Lost Boys of Peter Pan. I was actually watching the film Hook when I came up with the concept, and said film was probably the first and closest thing I got to having Peter Pan in my childhood. I never actually saw the Disney Peter Pan as a kid, and besides Hook I only have Kingdom Hearts to bring me to Peter Pan.

Story aside, THIS IS FINALLY THE LAST OF THE #THESISIT POSTS! This is major overdue, but one of the reasons I always put off posting this was because I absolutely hate this shoot. I hate it. HATE IT. It's the one I like the least amongst all my thesis shoots, but I think a major factor for this dislike is because this was actually a re-shoot, and the first shoot I had with Kevin was heaps better. That could be because cigarette smoke was involved and I have a bias towards that because I think it photographs beautifully, but I really think the first shoot was much better than this one. I hope I'll be able to blog about that shoot soon.

There were some things that worked against us with this shoot, and one of them was the weather. It showered on and off when we were shooting, and the lighting wasn't as good as it could be. Also, the location where we had our shoot was supposed to have a cool bridge which I thought would work so well with the concept, but when we got there IT WAS GONE. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY BECAUSE I WAS SO SURE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. I EVEN CALLED UP ANA WHILE I WAS FREAKING OUT AND SHE WAS CONFUSED AS WELL BECAUSE SHE KNOWS THE STUPID BRIDGE EXISTED IN THE AREA. Major disappoint.

At least the venue was still pretty to begin with. And it's a good thing Kevin's so attractive. So. Without further ado, here are the fruits of our rained-on-with-a-migraine-to-boot labor.

This was actually the very shoot that caused a hiccup during my defense. Yeah, that word vomit episode I mentioned(I feel like as long as I will talk about anything #THESISIT, I will always be linking back to that post.) It wasn't anything about the concept, or approach, or execution. It was the very loophole in my study that I worried about and the jury caught on just as I feared and a question was asked and I JUST. WORD VOMIT. DUG MY OWN GRAVE. Let's just not go there.

And as we casually turn away from that subject, here are some outtakes. This isn't all of them because some were too similar to others and the rest I just really dislike? Mmm yeah.

Another reason why I hate this shoot is because I unintentionally made the makeup look like sage mode!Naruto. Yeah. Yeeaaahhh you see it now? Yeah. You're welcome. I hate myself too.

It's been so long since I last touched any of my thesis files, and looking back at it all, this shoot especially, has made me realize how... how HORRIBLE I am when it comes to planning shoots. I mean, okay, you've gotta give me some credit for being able to pull everything off all on my own (besides our thesis being the individual kind of thing, all my shoots were just me and the model with an occasional assistant, which meant I did the hairmakeupstyling for everything because I suck and I mean a lot of photographers do that too but with #THESISIT it was just extra stressful) with a spankin' good grade despite cramming every shoot and everything in between. But gosh, I was rather awful with the pre-production of shoots. A lot of them were only finalized the night before. Sometimes on those 'night before's nothing is actually 'finalized' and a concept is only formulated. It's really terrible. I need to get this out of my system.

Biggest of thanks to Kevin for agreeing to model for me again despite the last minute call. And to Terry for always helping out. And to Patco too, because he held up an umbrella for us. And to everyone who somehow assisted and involved themselves in my thesis. Thank you so much. I would not have graduated on time if it weren't for you all. Hugs and kisses and cotton candy.

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