Tuesday, May 14, 2013

February 2013

DERPIN' more backlog more fun hehehe. SO! February 2013. I remember it like it was yesterday. February was mostly known as "The Month" or "Thesis Month" because early February was when The Defense happened. Ohhhh boy was that a roller coaster.

As promised, here is the second installment of my monthly (I say monthly but they never come out on time anyway) vlog recaps:

• Chinese New Year = mom coming home for a visit.
• Visiting my cousins and watching a round of Dino Crisis and Chrono Cross, and winning a round (or two) of You Don't Know Jack.
• Treating my dad out to dinner at Casa Marcos. This was the same day as my defense so it was also a bit of a celebratory dinner.
• The same night of my defense was when Mama came home, so we picked her up at the airport after hanging around for a bit at Burgos Circle.
• Random trip to Eastwood and checking out the tiangge as well as visiting Tous les Jours. ALL THE NOMS

It wasn't as eventful as January's recap, I guess? But maybe that was because I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off because of #THESISIT back in January. I personally see February 2013 as "DEFENSE", really. It was the pinnacle of my month, and I clearly remember my cramming on the way to school, and the headache and hunger I fought while defending, my stupid slip up/word vomit, the tears that came out after finding out I passed, wanting to literally sob outside the classroom because I was so relieved (I didn't do that though because I'd seem a little like I was overreacting I prolly was.) I even remember catching one of my old professors, Sir JL, at the elevator on the way down, and even seeing my then-class president for 4AD3 at the Beato facade while waiting for my dad to get the car. I remember sitting on the luggage that contained my thesis materials and still not believing I pulled everything off.

BAH I'M GETTING NOSTALGIC AND EMOTIONAL AGAIN. Oh, another highlight of February was the Stars concert!!! But I have no documentation of that save for an outfit post. So on to other random photos!

Picked these up after one of my many visits to Booksale. My cat lady is showing.

I really wanna eat bread right now.

I don't remember why this picture was taken. All I know is that it was one of the few shots taken in February, so I'm including it in the roster.

Speaking of few, I've barely done any photographing lately. I mean, besides blogging stuff, I haven't had a real shoot ever since #THESISIT, and the last shoot I did for that was in January. I don't know if I have the right to say that I might've been a little burned out from shooting, but I do miss it. I think because of #THESISIT, I slowly began to associate my photographs with the word 'stress' for a while, so after graduation I began to just take it easy first. (Well I WAS supposed to shoot someone here in HK, but that plan fell through... sob.) I HAVE SOMETHING I WANT TO DO WHEN I GET BACK TO MANILA THOUGH! Stay tuned.

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