Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FOTD: Blushing Blossom

Surprise! Another blog post just a day after the previous one! Except it's another FOTD post, which means it's a lot of my face, which means it's another annoying post, but that's okay, I think we can deal.

So this was a look I wore early on in my Hong Kong trip, back when it was still major sweater weather. (For the record, the weather in Hong Kong as of this post is stormy, however some time last week it was a bit humid.) I did the whole blush-high-up-reaching-the-eyes look that I've always seen on Japanese girls. Like, always. Okay, not always and not on all Japanese girls, but I've seen them a lot. I think it's a pretty look so I don't know why I never tried it before.

Oh and remember that Too Cool For School gloss I talked about? I was wearing it here, with the stain on the inside of the lips/gradient lips thing that I love doing. I remember trying that look out for the first time in... 2011? Yeah, around that time, except back then I muted the rest of my lip color. I don't know the relevance of that story with this look, BUT THE GLOSS OF THIS THING IS AMAZANG I MEAN LOOK AT DEM JUICY LIPS unless that's not really your thing I can totes understand that too.

I mentioned in this post that I've picked up a new method of wearing eyeliner, and this is it. Just some minor lining on the outer corners fading in. For years I would line my entire eye and I'm not really sure why I suddenly decided to switch it up. Maybe I just grew out of the old method? Occasionally I'll still line my entire eye, but that's pretty rare now.

Besides this method, I sometimes like to make a sharp, long wing and fading it inwards as well without lining the entire eye. I like how both methods sort of allow your ~*~natural eye look~*~ (pfft Ina dafuq r u sayin') to surface while still providing definition.

Check out dat sexy bruise Tofu gave me when I was bathing him a few weeks back. He hates baths and while I was carrying him to the bathroom he latched onto me and one of his claws dug just a little too deep.

I think the floral headband worked well with the makeup look. Very ~*~spring~*~-y-esque. Hahaha no Ina no don't even try.

I almost forgot to mention that this is my last post before becoming internationally legal! SEE Y'ALL IN MY NEXT LIFE, KIDDIES!

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