Tuesday, April 16, 2013

January 2013

Hey folks, here's a video diary of my January. I've made it a point to make a monthly video recap because I've had the longest frustration of making videos with good quality, and I finally had the opportunity to when I got a camera upgrade last December. It'd be a waste not to maximize this video capability, right?

I've been a little lax with posting on time though, mostly because my problems with Youtube have been so discouraging (let me tell you that a video like that up there could take a week to upload properly) that I've become lazy with video editing.

I figured I needed a little break from all the #THESISIT posts (the 'series' is coming to a close pretty soon anyway) as it might have burned me out a little. LOLJK or maybe I've become sick of seeing all those photos from my thesis, since I did have to deal with those images over and over again for months. (When I was done with my defense, I stared at my photos with delight, and then I just wanted to burn everything in sight HAHAHAHA love-hate relationship y'all.) Besides, I missed blogging about actual life happenings.

So, a recap of what mostly took place in January, according to this vlog:

• Tofu keeping me company on the dining table a.k.a. #THESISIT work place.
• I could not remember much about InDesign for the life of me, so I had to layout my thesis book by scratch via Photoshop. It's not as accurate as it could be, but it was better than nothing.
• My sister and her family moved to a new place and we paid them a visit.
• Re-visiting Little Tokyo and having lunch at this restaurant called Seryna.
• Buying my ticket for the Stars concert!!!
• Re-shooting Kevin for thesis.
• Watching my cousin play the first Resident Evil game and laughing at the horrible acting. (To their credit, their Wesker actor at least actually looks like Wesker.)
• Randomly having lunch with one of my godfathers at this bay/marina/idek restaurant after running some thesis errands. The weather was nice and cool that day.
• Driving to Katips for some friends' thesis exhibit. See this post.

The little note I left myself on my planner was a reminder that I had to persevere and not give up on thesis. I nearly considered dropping -- or it crossed my mind at the most -- because I was THAT deep in shat. I understood why some of my batchmates had dropped out of the race along the way, and I had to keep telling myself to fight on because I could NOT do thesis all over again after coming so close to the finish line. I just couldn't do that to myself.

Anyway, a couple of pictures:

I love passing this corridor. It's just a little bit of my childhood, as my dad and I would often have lunch at this one restaurant in the area (I can't even remember the name!) whenever I'd come along with him to work.

This makes me happy. Hehe.

Cat nap at Becky's, where we were chilling with the rain after our shoot. Related post here.

More cats.

Snacking on milk tea and lemon squares while working on thesis.

Now the thing with vlogging with magical quality is that I can't seem to find middle ground between what to document as a video and what to photograph. I'm struggling to find the balance, and I've just recently come up with a formula (by recently, I mean while I was making this post) as to which medium is to be used for what content. Except it's already mid-April so future monthly recaps will still be a little fuzzy with content.

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