Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stars Live in Manila 2013

The first time I encountered Stars was some time in 2007. Maronne told me to listen to this song called Your Ex-Lover Is Dead. I immediately fell in love with it and consequently had it on loop for a few days (... or weeks.) Back then I never, ever dreamed that I'd ever hear this song live by the band. (Back then I never really thought about concerts anyway.) It became my favorite song. (Or one of, at least. But if anyone ever asks me for a favorite song, I always say it's this one because most people aren't familiar with the anime/Japanese/video game music I have.) It's funny because lyrics-wise, I can't even relate to the song at all. Then again, I've never listened to song lyrics since I was a kid.

When I caught wind last year that Stars would be having a concert here, I of course freaked out. This is the band that made my favorite song, OF COURSE I WAS GONNA WATCH. There were hardly any details on the concert so I was a little doubtful of the news at first. In fact, I think I only really got details on the concert sometime late in December/early January, which is really late since the concert was this month. The concert venue was even changed. The event itself was a little shrouded by obscurity, but I wasn't surprised since Stars isn't very popular here.

I got my ticket in January even if I wasn't sure if I'd be watching with anyone. I was supposed to watch with my friend, but because of #THESISIT finances, she wasn't able to go. In the end, I went to the concert by myself. I was also supposed to watch with my cousin's girlfriend, but we weren't able to meet up once inside the venue. So essentially, I was alone.

There's something about attending a concert alone. I dunno, it may or may not be better than watching with a friend, but it's an experience. The venue itself was pretty tiny for a concert, and it wasn't even filled up. I was relatively close to the stage but it was still really hard for me because I AM JUST WAY TOO SHORT FOR CONCERTS OKAY. But at least the crowd was pretty mellow (save for a few upbeat songs) compared to the TBS crowd, because hi, the TBS crowd was like... an orgy or smthn.

There's also something about hearing your favorite song being performed live by the band that created it. I teared up when they played Your Ex-Lover Is Dead, even when I had no one to hold on to while I drowned in my feels. It was the same when they played Calendar Girl and when they played their finale.

Really. When I heard Your Ex-Lover Is Dead I couldn't help but look back on that time I first heard the song and kept it on repeat. (I still remember I didn't have an iTunes and I was listening to it via Windows Media Player.) It felt so surreal just experiencing the song after so many years. It was a magical experience all on its own.

I think I was also a little emotional because I was thinking about how I was finally done with #THESISIT and how I'll be graduating next month.

When they sang the line, "Live through this and you won't look back." I got just a little bit more emotional. Just a little.

The experience was beautiful. I am so watching Stars again when they come back.

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