Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taking Back Sunday Live in Manila 2012

WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN. Okay, well the Meet & Greet was on Thursday, the day before the concert. I was in the middle of lunch when my friend Jam rang me about the Meet & Greet, and later in the afternoon we found ourselves at Mall of Asia getting our posters signed by Taking Back Sunday.

Can I just say that these guys took away my concert virginity and I wouldn't have it any other way? There were a couple of bands that performed here that I regret not seeing: Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars... mostly because of conflict schedules and lack of funds. I only got to see TBS because my ticket was a magical early birthday gift from more-than-magical Jam.

Adam was actually in crutches but still pulled through with the concert anyway. Our hero.

This is Jam with her Louder Now cd. Louder Now was my first ever TBS album and I enjoyed it immensely. After that I tried out their other songs and the rest is history. Oh, and that koala you see? Jam gave that to Adam.

"Kita yung French Baker. Let's make it part of the picture because you're dressed like that!" - Jam LOLK WTVR YOU SAY JAM (In any case, outfit deets are here!)

Another pleasant surprise that day was seeing our high school batchmate Plong! We experienced the concert with her together with another friend Sid the next day.

This is us getting our posters signed. I didn't really say anything spectacular other than smile and gush a 'Thank you!' every time a band member would put his signature next to his face on the poster haha!

Here's Jam after getting our posters signed. Thumbs up... because WHY WOULDN'T YOU GIVE A THUMBS UP (and more) TO THESE GUYS?

Look! We found someone wearing a shirt by our friend Tin! Four for you, Tintin!

Us with our signed posters. I'm having mine framed and hung on my bedroom wall, mwahaha.

Aaand another shot in front of the big TBS poster (which Jam wanted to take, for your information). Yes, we are aware that Jam's holding the poster horizontally. That was done on purpose because she's pauso. /loljk

As for the concert itself... ohmygod. It was phenomenal. It was incredible. It was magical and amazing and SUCH an experience! I didn't bother with documenting the show because I just wanted to purely experience it. Halfway during their set I was already worn out (because the mosh pit was just THAT BAD) and I thought, 'Maybe I'm not cut out for concerts. Maybe the stamina needed is something that you build up over time.' but then Jam told me that the crowd was really just more intense than usual. I took her word for it since this was my first concert, after all.

Granted, I saw so much more of the band during the Meet & Greet than in the concert itself, but still! I mean, I'm pretty short so that posed enough of a problem by itself, and I had this silent game going on with the dude in front of me which involved discreetly (not really) pushing each other, and all the jumping and pushing was like a stationary stampede... but that's what made it so much of an experience. We chanted MakeDamnSure and when TBS closed the show with that song, it was just perfect. We were all jumping and screaming to it, and while doing so made me out of breath (cramped area + humid air, whuddup), it was so worth it. At the end of the concert I was so wiped out that I kept on telling Jam stuff like, "HOW AM I EVEN BREATHING? HOW AM I EVEN WALKING RIGHT NOW? HOW AM I EVEN ALIVE?" It was that hardcore but I guess that's what made it even more special?

I could go on and on and on AND OOOON with all the gushing. Taking Back Sunday has a special place in my heart now for being the first (and so far only) band that I've seen live. It was the best way to spend the last weekday of my summer break (since I'm starting pre-OJT classes next week, then OJT itself the week after), and I have Jam to thank for all of this. (Well there was that other thing, which was also thanks to Jam... hehehe...) So, THANK YOU SO MUCH JAM I LOVE YOU AND APRIL 13, 2012 HAS BROUGHT US TO A WHOLE OTHER DEGREE OF CLOSENESS IN OUR FRIENDSHIP. You know why HAHA. Thank you so much.

MakeDamnSure to Tell All Your Friends about Taking Back Sunday!

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