Friday, June 8, 2012

I Scream For Ice Cream

One thing to get the kids together? Two words.



Mmm. That's basically what we got last week, care of the May celebrants in our group (excluding me, as per usual, because I never have any funds to spare to take my friends out... *hides in corner*) a.k.a. Mae and Alex! It's almost tradition, this Alex-taking-us-out-annually-for-her-birthday treat. Last year it was at Cyma, some other year it was at Italianni's, next year it's a buffet. loljk

We got together at good ol' Eastwood. Maronne and I were the first to arrive, followed by Alex, who is alwaysalwaysalways on time-slash-early-slash-first-to-arrive. Like I've said before, she deserves an award. Never mind the fact that she wasn't the first this time since, well, she LIVES RIGHT THERE.

ugh, gorgeous

#BloggerProblems involve having to make time for outfit shots, which Alex witnessed.

The Arrneans discuss professors and schedules.

SUNFLOWERS! Are my favorite flowers!

The three of us went around ("Let's go to Folded & Hung! No wait Jellybean first!" I urged.) while waiting for the rest of some of our favorite people, since... when are we ever on time? Taking 'Filipino Time' to the next level, yo.

Surprisingly, the rest of our company was already there! I say surprisingly because Jam was already there, and she is just NOTORIOUS (caps lock for effect) for her tardiness. Four for you, Jam. (This shot was taken by Beau, by the way!)

Swensen's is this dope ice cream place that I had never heard of until Alex took us there. It's located near... Cyma? I'm not very strong on ice cream BUT FREE FOOD IS FREE FOOD. My hobo is showing.

Each table was adorned with a rose in a glass. I call it The Lone Rose.

Their glasses were covered in what I think are the names of their sundaes? I told Janelle that my eyes kept on misreading the names though, in a bad way...

Our first order was this chocolate fondue thing wherein we would have scoops of ice cream (in flavors of our choice) and fruits to be eaten with this bowl of chocolate... fudgesyrupgoodness. It was gone in about five minutes.

And this is part two. It was devoured in under five minutes. (No joke. We have a video as evidence.)

We had to request that the nuts be separated though, unless we wanted to give Mae death by nuts.

Size of flakes versus...

... size of holes. Not cool.

Guardian Angel v. 4.0

Since Alex and I have the same birthday (raddest thing ever), Stephy gifted us with this cellphone holder chicken thing, as well as a blank birthday card. How delightful. My gift came in a paper bag that had the label "SONG VIET", so I suggested that Alex and I name our chickens after that. (Stephy had just come from Vietnam for vacation, so our chicks were probably Vietnamese anyway.) So, everybody, meet Viet.

Mirror camwhoring is always fun with friends!

Attention on Jam's top plz! Isn't it lovely? She got it at this train station in... some country... during one of her travels, and for pretty cheap too. Cheap is a relative term, but when I say cheap, THEN IT'S DIRT CHEAP. Okay maybe not, but for me to say it's cheap means it really was cheap! GOOD JOB, JAM. Four more for you.

Then we ended up in Fully Booked (because when there is a Fully Booked in the area, you must go to it) which is always magic because you can never go wrong when spending money on books! Not that I had any money to spend...

Jam is the biggest zombie freak I know. Should there be a zombie apocalypse, she'll be the one most prepared. She's the number one person who truly believes that said apocalypse could happen and will get freaked out by anything remotely zombie-related (but can justify its irrationality anyway.) It's always interesting to have zombie apocalypse discussions with her. I've always said I'd be one of the first to die during a zombie apocalypse (just like those first to be slaughtered in movies) because:

a.) I'm no runner
b.) I'm easily terrified
c.) I have no sense of aim (aim is relevant)

Jam says that the adrenaline will consume me and that my survival (or was it hobo?) instincts will kick in, having me flip tables and such at the undead. I hope she's right.

I love going to the children's/young adult section of bookstores (hey, no h8) and when I saw this book it totally reminded me of Jam. Therefore, a photograph was needed. Duh.

Beau: Hahaha and it'll be useless under the rain.
Ina: Why would you even play chess in the rain...

THIS MAGICAL POSTCARD BOOK THAT JANELLE FOUND, GOSH. Kinda overpriced though, so we put it back down. Still, I always love useless cute stuff. SO KAWAII DESU~~!1!!!1one!~!

And then Jam wanted a photo of this. I've always seen this book but never really bothered with it. Hmm.

While it is a fact that free food always gets us together (complete or otherwise), there is also the tendency to forget taking a group picture. Oh well, I'll have to remember next time. Thanks again, Mae and Alex! And much thanks to Alex for taking most of us home even if it was terribly out of the way and even if you despise driving. Being your passenger was an experience.

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