Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Don't Get It

The blog title is an ode to one of my verrily good friends, Stephy, who became internationally legal as of Monday! Since the day following her birthday was a holiday (hurray for Independence Day!), a lot of us were able to come to her post-birthday celebration!

The words 'free food' were present again, of course.

This was the second time I got to eat at Sambokojin (did I spell that right omg too lazy to check), the first time on my 19th birthday. Since this was eat-all-you-can (bless you, Stephy), Terry and I had to sit next to each other. Then again, we always sit next to each other when there's food involved.

Here we have the usual icing-on-the-celebrant moment. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DURR HURR

Sambokojin is one of those restaurants that have their waiters sing a 'Happy Birthday' to a birthday celebrant while serving some sort of complementary dessert. It can always be a bit embarrassing for the person being sung to, so to preserve the memory, we a have a video of this event taking place thanks to Roselyn. Mwahahaha.

Funny story about that complementary birthday dessert: Terry came up with the master plan to have the waiters sing to Stephy but serve the dessert to Beau instead. Why? NO REASON WE WERE JUST BEING TROLLS HAHAHAHA. Terry and I were so giddy and anxious and would grip each other each time we'd eye a waiter getting ready for the surprise. Mean? Maybe just a bit. Priceless? Definitely.

Hi Alex!

Jam, I told you to wipe off your lipstick while you ate, but did you listen? OF COURSE YOU DIDN'T

Terry + Ina + buffet = tactics + teamwork.

The cooker on our side of the world, pre-Terina.

The cooker on our side of the world, post-Terina. (Joke it was actually the other way around.)

Discussion on Legend of Korra = Jam doesn't want to hear any possible spoilers.

And then there's this:

2007!Janelle and 2012!Janelle. Eastwood holds a special place in my heart because of the several friendship get-togethers that took place there. When we saw this spot we were like, "OHMYGOD LOOK!" and thus tried to re-create the shot that we captured all those years ago. Since it was all guesswork, there are details that are obviously off in our 'recreation', BUT YOU GET IT. I get really mindblown when I look at these images, mostly because of the giant time skip. Crazy how it's been 5 years since the original photo was taken.


Our K-pop friends looking at K-pop merch from Etude House.

Trying out some frames from People Are People.

And because I am the Queen of Old Photographs From Your Past (Queen of Blackmail Photos to some of you), there is also this. Another 'recreation' from a shot taken in 2007, on the same day Janelle's was taken as well. (We got it wrong again, but oh well guesswork.) It's amazing seeing how much my friends and I have all grown through all these years.

There is a reason why this photo was taken, but since not everyone will understand the significance of it...

... here, have a GIF instead.

Tin and I wanted that naked pineapple baby... for different reasons.

Then we found ourselves at Serenitea. (Thanks for treating, Stephy!)

Janelle ended up getting a pair of frames for herself when we went to PRP!

The face that sunk a thousand ships: Mae Bautista.

A good chunk of our time was spent here, mostly because I wanted to milk out that comic sale. Comic Odyssey frequently has these comic sales; in fact, I think they always have these sales! The first (and last, prior to when this photo was taken) time I bought some comics in bulk from the shop was about a year or two ago, from a different branch. I came across the same branch recently and they still have the same sale. Cheap thrills, errbady.

Okay fine so I really wanted to spend my cash on these because SHOUNEN JUMP. SHOUNEN JUMP GUYS. HOW DO YOU SAY NO TO SHOUNEN JUMP? But then my stingy was showing (also, because I need some funds for... thesis-related things #THESISIT yo) so I held back. IN THE NEAR FUTURE, MY SWEETS.

Then Terry had to go, meaning we ALL had to go (transpo, yo), but not before heading to Watson's, because girls and makeup and reasons.

Dear Terry, thank you for always being my transpo. You are a Godsend. Love, me.

Guardian Angel v. 5.0

Guardian Angel v. 5.5.troll

We actually remembered to take a group photo this time!!! Okay fine, it was only prompted because Jam wanted a photo with Roro, which lead to everyone else joining in. Of course there's a group shot without the birthday celebrant. OF. COURSE.

We had to drop by Bigoli (Fazoli's to most of us) because Terry was tasked to get a few somethings for her family. Despite the name change, the dishes are still the same. The place even smells the same. Nostalgia.

This was on the ride home. Part of the fun in hitching a ride home is the adventure on the road, especially when there are several of you hitching. It's like an extension of all the fun that transpired within the day that won't end until you all aren't in each other's company anymore. The end.

Aww shucks, here's one more.


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