Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday Loot + life update

I am back from the land of lazy blogging! Things that have happened since my last update:

1. I turned twenty.

Yep, the big 2-0. Two decades of my life have gone by, and it's crazy to think how much has happened (or how much hasn't happened -- OMGWHATHAVEIACCOMPLISHEDINMYLIFE?). My twentieth birthday was also the weirdest one ever (for reasons I will not disclose), and I spent it at work, too, so that was very interesting. I didn't tell anyone at work that it was my birthday at the time (because really, why would I prance around declaring "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY Y'ALL!!!11!one"? That'd make it sound like I'd expect a greeting or something...), but the cat was out of the bag by the end of the day anyway. Thanks for all the greetings everybody!

Here's some of the stuff I got for le birthday...

Pout Paint by Sleek Cosmetics from my mom! Y'all know how much I love funky makeup (or makeup in general, haha), so this was such a delight. Pout Paints work like liquid lipsticks and a little goes a long way with this thing! They're meant to be mixed with other colors from the line or worn alone like how I did.

Rings and more makeup from my sister. The other mascara's actually blue! (What is it with blue makeup, hurrrrrr). Also, Give you a charming winks HAHAHA!

This is a Statue of Liberty condom. I call it the Condom of Liberty. This is Maronne's gift and she gave it to me in perfect timing too. My birthday actually landed on my last day of interning at StyleBible, which was also day 3 of Philippine Fashion Week. Maronne was there for the Parisian show, and at the end of the night she handed this to me and I just burst out laughing. It was perfect timing because I was feeling kind of off that day and Maronne was instantly rewarded with a chortle and my covered face in gleeful shame.

I mean look at it. It has earned the Mom's Seal of Disapproval.

Earrings from my cousin with a lovely note to boot. And they're clip-on! (I don't know why, but the fact that they're clip-on makes them all the more rad.)

OKAY FINE THIS WASN'T A BIRTHDAY GIFT. I finally got my hands on Reese & Vica's EP, all thanks to my officemate Janey (of!). She gave this to me on my second day of work, because on my first day, we were on the discussion of bloggers (and how she had come across CS before), how Maronne was a talent for R&V's MV, how much I wanted an EP but couldn't go to the launch, and how Janey was part of the group that managed R&V for a while and thus had a copy of the EP. Thanks again Janey!

2. Internship is obviously over.

As I mentioned, my last day of interning for StyleBible was on the third day of PFW. I had SUCH a blast interning for StyleBible, not to mention getting to meet and work with the team, as well as meeting some of the Preview editors (pretty rad 'cause I love Preview okay). Everyone was so nice and I had already learned so much on my first week alone! What a great experience and opportunity.

3. More things have ended.

a.) Final Fantasy XIII

OKAY YOU GUYS THIS IS GOING IN THE BOOKS BECAUSE I NEVER EVER GET TO PROGRESS FAR INTO A FINAL FANTASY GAME (I tend to get stuck in one part and give up) LET ALONE FINISH ONE BUT I RECENTLY FINISHED FFXIII AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I had to miss out on dinner because I was already in the middle of the final boss fight. I was bawling and sobbing and weeping and all other words synonymous to crying in the darkness of my room (sounds pretty emo, which it was, but the lights were literally off when I was playing). Oh gosh if only someone could've seen my wailing. I tried playing it again (post-game stuff), but the fact that I knew the story was over with me just made playing the game really sad. I have so many feelings.

This is also a testament to how much I suck at turn-based games (FFXIII isn't turn-based, for those who  don't know).

b.) Being de-blocked.

Perhaps this is the start of something new--literally. My first day of college senior year was yesterday and it was so sad and strange. Block sections get de-blocked come senior year because sections are made based on who your thesis adviser is. That being said, I only had one other old blockmate from my original block for my new section. It was so sad and awkward because the company is just different. I miss my old block's noise, not to mention company. Overdramatic? Maybe? But these people were my family for three years and to be separated to abruptly kind of sucks. I mean, okay, there were electives last year which separated us, but that was just one class! THIS IS EVERYTHING. Oh the pain. I miss my blockmates.

It was a strange feeling, looking at all the freshmen knowing you were that once but now you're a graduating student. I don't even know how I lasted this long or how I even got to this point. Looking back it feels like it's been forever since my first day of college, yet at the same time it still feels like yesterday. Strangest first day of school.

4. New blog header!

I'm the jerk who requested a blog header when I first created this blog, got the header about a month or two ago, and only put it up today. I'm a jerk, but you know who isn't? CAMILLE, THAT'S WHO! She made my blog header and I'M SORRY I ONLY GOT TO PUTTING UP NOW BUT I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

And that's all for a blog update. I wonder when my next update will be, CONSIDERING HOW INCONSISTENT I'VE BECOME WITH BLOGGING LOL. Oh well, with my current sched now, I might have time? Unless thesis will take it's turn to consume me...

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