Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Beneath the Sheets

Alternatively known as: Project Bedsheets. Or: Tintin and the Sampayans.

All jokes aside, I do believe this marks my first time actually photographing Tintin for a shoot. We had already collaborated previously, but this was the first time in which she was the one in front of my camera lens. Originally, I was going to photograph her for May, but I had to postpone to make way for other plans. (Photos from my actual shoot in May to be posted... someday.) This was a relatively simple shoot, with it being just the two of us. (Then again most of my shoots are just me and my subject anyway.) Tin supplied me with outfits to choose from (and also supplied most of our backdrops), and we shot at her place, because it was adequate and convenient.

I feel like my friendship with Tintin has come a long way, somehow. Sure, we've been in the same group of friends for over ten years now, but being in such a large group, the degree of closeness you share can differ from person to person. I'll admit to that. But I feel like, despite being incredibly intimidated by Tintin the first time I ever got to talk to her on Yahoo Messenger (this is another story for another lifetime, but in any case, PETITION TO BRING BACK YM PLS???), I've become much more comfortable around her over the years.

A healthy dosage of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XII (holla at the OG Balthier), and Batman trash in between definitely helped establish our friendship, but I digress.

It's so easy to be misunderstood, and I feel like Tin is one of the people who understands this so well. So much can be lost in translation -- despite speaking the same language, even -- and while Tin and I may not see eye-to-eye (read: she's hella cultured while I'm a rotting hobo) all the time, I think it's good to have differing opinions sometimes. Seeing things from a different perspective can be incredibly eye-opening.

Thank you Tintin for being so game to shoot and for a pleasant morning spent together! You will always be the Fran to my Balthier, even if I only ever got as far as the Rogue Tomato mission in Final Fantasy XII.

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