Saturday, May 9, 2015


Something a little different, featuring the lovely face of Jam and the magical illustrating talents of Tintin. 'Untitled' because we honestly didn't know what to call it; this being a test shoot, the entirety of it was approached with an open theme. I've been experimenting a lot with some lights recently, and it has very much been a learning experience. I'm still a total noob at it and I've got a long way to go, but I'm really excited to get better and ~*~hone my craft~*~ and all that jazz. Lately, I've become a lot more focused in terms of pre-production, and it honestly has made a difference in the quality of my work.

That, or making an effort in pre-production has made shooting go a lot more smoothly, and all my usual models would know how... all over the place my shoots are LOL

This is also the first time Tin and I have ~*~collaborated~*~ (sans a shoot here and there for her online stores). It was a long time coming (literally, we've been meaning to collab for actual years), but it never really happened until now because... well, I never really had any appropriate material that felt 'right' for some Tintin Lontoc TLC (joke what am i saying omg). I do have a concept I intend to pursue for a future collab with Tin, but it won't be seeing the light of day until I know I've really tailored what my vision will be for that collaboration.

Thanks to Jam, not just for being my model, but for all those nice talks we've been having. It's nice having one-on-one chats with good friends, but there's a deeper level of intimacy between friends who can genuinely empathize with each other (BADUMTUSS THIS IS ACTUALLY AN INSIDE JOKE). And of course, thank you again for working magic, Tin! Your illustrations really gave the extra pizazz that the photos needed. (Thank you especially for reaching out after my Dark Places post. It really, really meant a lot.)


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