Saturday, November 28, 2015

Garden Weed

It was on a morning drive to school when I found out Marien -- whom I previously knew as The Upperclassman I Have Mutual Friends With -- is actually a family friend. I was probably a high school junior then; my dad was about to drop us off when he spotted someone he apparently recognized on campus.

"Is that Marien Jose?" he asked.

"Wait," I said, "how do you know her?"

Turns out our families are very good friends who go way back -- so much that apparently she and my cousins (and myself?) used to play together as children. The earliest memory I have of Marien is a little shrouded; at most, I remembered her as The Girl Who Actually Has Questor Issues That I Don't Own, back when I was at her house for some... family thing (I really don't remember why I was at her house that day), at a much younger age.

But this is all old news. Several years have passed since that revelation... and several months have come and gone before Marien and I finally got around to shooting together at last.

Because, you know, I always have to write some kind of mini-essay recounting my first encounters with whomever I'm shooting with for the first time. (See: Girl Almighty / Street Smart) Call it unofficial initiation.

Lol, jk.

These were shot just a few hours ago -- practically a new record for me to post so quickly, and with this amount too, considering my current track record of posting only one image per shoot.

Thanks again Marien for being so game. Ultimately, thank you for being very patient with me, seeing as I either always delayed this shoot, or I never did anything to get the ball rolling. You are a doll, and I'm glad you and I have our kooky families to bond over. Belated happy birthday as well, and here's to more collaborations in the future!

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