Sunday, July 5, 2015

Girl Almighty


Photographing Je has been something in the works for a while (read: 2014), but now that it finally happened, I couldn't be happier. Je was one of my first friends in SPCP; she was one of my first classmates when I was a new student, and our surnames alphabetically placed us within close proximity of each other. Back then I was completely clueless as to why some people incessantly made 'Mini Keyk' comments around her... until I saw the commercial for myself and became one of those aforementioned people. While Je and I weren't particularly close in high school (she has a much better relationship with Terry), we've grown substantially closer in recent years, which I can't be more thankful for.

(Idk why I always make brief write-ups of my history with whoever it is I'm shooting.)

Special thanks to Jam for helping out! Thanks again Je for letting me take your picture (and for constantly feeding my Directioner heart).

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