Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Story So Far

Dear all, allow me to inform you that I finished playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 today. I made it a point to finish it today since I'll be going to HK tomorrow, and this is also the reason why I haven't been blogging as much. (Also, I've been lazy pfft.) Achievement, because I very rarely ever finish video games, let alone something from the Final Fantasy franchise. This also a big deal because I was so bitter towards this sequel, as I blamed it for the further delay of Kingdom Hearts 3. Because of that, I started playing the sequel with some resentment.

I don't even know what possessed me to get the game anyway! I had no intentions of buying it; if anything, I wanted to borrow a friend's copy, but that was it. BUT IT HAPPENED AND MY LIFE WAS RUINED AND NOW I'VE FINISHED IT AND NOW I'M JUST-

I already knew what would happen, and how it would end, because I had already read up on the story and all since, as I said, I had no intentions of having the game in my life. AND YET... AND YET I HAD FEELS THAT I DIDN'T THINK I WOULD FEEL AND I STILL CRIED AT THE ENDING???

The gameplay for the main storyline was WAY too short though! I get that, with this sequel, Squeenix was addressing the whole issue of its predecessor being too linear. But with FFXIII, the storyline was much, much longer, so my emotional attachment to the characters and the story was much, much stronger. Like srsly, the number of hours on my gameplay of FFXIII-2 was around 37 hours (inclusive of dilly-dallying and grinding), whereas with FFXIII it was... much longer LOL. I remember playing FFXIII took me about a month or so, only because I got caught up with my OJT at the time. FFXIII-2 took me just a week, because I stopped for a couple of days due to some life happenings and stuff.

Granted, the replay value is FFXIII-2 is heaps more than its predecessor, but it almost felt like Squeenix was riding on fans' feels so the short storyline gameplay was made acceptable. It's like... FFXIII has the longer storyline but was deemed too linear, and FFXIII-2 had such a short story playthrough but the replay value is a lot and it's not linear at all.


As for Lightning Returns... I'm tempted to get it ASAP. For the first two games, I was a year late for each, so I knew the story and all that (especially with FFXIII-2.) But with this last installment, I'd be experiencing the story firsthand... (except I'm not sure how firsthand this will be as I am already currently reading up on this last installment HAHAHA)

Lightning Returns might even be the last Squeenix game on the PS3 o m g???

I still think FFXIII-2 was kindov unnecessary, but admittedly, it did address two loopholes that bothered me at the end of FFXIII. Maybe they rode on those loopholes?

I was crying and laughing at the ending of FFXIII-2; crying because FEELS, and laughing because I was all "LOL UGAIZ DUNNO WAT UR SAYIN PLS COULD U B ANY WRONGER???!?" as I followed the script HAHAHA

Other things that need to be addressed:
1. Anything reminiscent of FFXIII (i.e the main characters) that make an appearance in FFXIII-2 made me cry
2. Anything Sazh will make me cry
3. Lightning Returns seems really dark and depressing, and it makes my heart hurt

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