Saturday, March 2, 2013

#THESISIT: The Public's Image

The Public's Image is the story of a girl living up to society's expectations of her. She is oppressed by what the public wants from her, but in reality seeks to live out her own ideals and image. Despite having sought out her freedom, she still cannot fully break away from the influences of society that have trapped her.

In a way you could say this is about non-conformity within a society, and the struggles of surfacing one's individuality in a sea of similarities and constant comparisons.

There was something I didn't notice until I was done with thesis altogether, and it was something Maronne pointed out. That is: most of my shoots took place in the living quarters of the model HAHAHAHA. This is what happens when you're pressed for time and adjusting to other people's schedules. MAKE DO WITH WHAT YOU HAVE Y'ALL! That being said, you might find the areas in this shoot to be very familiar if you've been following my work since, I dunno, high school.

I remember as a college freshman looking in awe at the then-seniors' best thesis exhibit, and thinking, "I'm definitely going to pursue photography as my thesis." I remember asking Maronne if she could model for me when that time comes. The time has now come and gone, and it's a little overwhelming to think how fast (and stressful, stressful is a permanent word attached to thesis) it all happened. One minute I'm thinking about my future thesis, and the next I'm blogging about the already-finished thesis. Wow.

Maronne was my first ever model when I first started shooting. Looking back, I'm not really sure how that shoot was prompted (Maybe I needed something for the photography club I was in? Idek anymore.), but it launched a spiral of many future shoots ahead. It's amazing to see how much we've both grown -- not just individually as artists, but even together as friends -- and I know she's going to go places. I'm so excited for her life. ;__;

The pink wig shots are a little Just Be Friends-esque, but that's not a problem to me. There are some outtakes in this post, and the photographs that follow are the ones that didn't make the cut. My thesis adviser actually commented on one shot, asking about the relevance of this detail and that detail to the concept. While I was able to justify them, I did get scared and decided to just scrap it from the thesis altogether LOL. After the comment, however, I did become much more wary and conscious of little details in my shoots, and until now I find myself scrutinizing various details in a photograph and all that jazz.

It just makes me cringe at all my other older works though.

Thank you for being my forever model, Maronne! <3

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