Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Have a Date

So have you noticed the minor changes in my blog? It's all thanks to my friend Ana! I was feeling something off with the looks of my blog, so I asked Ana to do whatever she wanted with it. That included changing the header and sidebar images! (Thanks again to Dg and Camille for the old ones!) Thank you Anette! (So many exclamation points!) My blog looks so clean to me all of a sudden. Also, that's way too many renditions of my face in one picture.

Last night I dreamt that a stray cat that looked way too much like Tofu was getting eaten by snake. Right outside my house. Where I could see through my window. Here is a picture of a cat.

This was my sister's late birthday gift for me. I had been wanting this palette ever since I saw it on one of xSparkage's videos, but the brand didn't come to the Philippines until late last year.


About two weeks ago, Hello Kitty and I attended a despedida for one of my friends. (See this post.) It was my first time at Skye lounge and I thought it was pretty cool. Hello Kitty and I ordered two bottles of Hoegaarden for ourselves because, even if I don't like beer, it was the cheapest on the menu and this was the brand that the waiter recommended. Our verdict? It tasted like a garden of hoes. Definitely lives up to its name, alright.

The building's elevator was such a pleasant surprise because of the cute brick walls AND THE FAKE GRASS!!! How cute. PARTY IN THE ELEVATOR GARDEN, Y'ALL!

The other day my mom and I had lunch at Cafe Mary Grace after the vampires from the hospital took two vials worth of my blood for some tests. (Related post here.) The cafe was such a precious, quaint little place, and the food was great, too!

Even their coasters were cute.

Okay, now I've got a date with my thesis to catch.


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Following you now! :)