Thursday, September 25, 2014

February-March 2014

In hindsight, I'm pretty glad I got to vlog every month of 2013 (save September, a.k.a. The Dengue Month as I incessantly mention too often), because I haven't actually been able to document much of my life anymore. Mostly because my everyday life is pretty boring, so having been able to travel a lot in 2013 really worked in my vlogging favor.

Anyway, I scrummaged several clips that were left unposted, mostly from February and March. I decided I'd just put them together since there weren't enough clips to produce a standalone video for each month.

It's pretty all over the place, featuring the Lang Leav book signing, a little bit of travel, and random tidbits of home life.

Pictured above are books whose titles hold significance in the Terina friendship.

And of course, obligatory picture with Lang Leav herself. Alex was with us as well, though there is only evidence of such in the video. I find that it's fitting for me to post this now of all times, as Lang Leav's Lullabies book is out already. I intend to get a copy of my own, though as of late I have yet to do so, mostly because I'm lazy (read: stingy) since there was a bit of a disconnect between myself and  Love and Misadventure.

I went to La Union for the first time, met some cool people, and took lots of pictures that aren't worth (nor probably allowed) posting since I was there for work.

Early mornings are only really pleasant when you don't have to get up for work.

One day, en route to my aunt's house, the sky was breathtaking. This picture was taken in front of a church, and looking back, maybe that was God trying to tell me to renew my faith or some kind of holy sign for something in my life. I don't really know.

I remember that being such a nice time in my life though. I miss it.

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