Sunday, November 2, 2014

FOTD: Halloween 2014

Maybe a month or so before October I said I'd be a sugar skull if I became lazy for Halloween. In hindsight THIS TOOK WAY MORE EFFORT THAN IF I HAD JUST DECIDED ON AN ACTUAL COSTUME. I went to my first legit Halloween party (by that I mean ~*~nightlife~*~) and it was so fun and I just wish all parties were Halloween parties. There were several other sugar skulls at the party and it was fun seeing fellow 'sugar skull sisters' though I felt like it might've made me seem unoriginal... Can't be helped since there was that Book of Life film that just came out so sugar skulls have been getting a lot of limelight lately.

Makeup took me like 2 hours, though I think that was also partially because I was setting up my lights and camera 'cause I wanted to film the whole makeup process. I gave up filming halfway because I was getting really sloppy with my application and I didn't charge my batteries anyway so my camera ran out of juice long before I was even finished.

I'd like to think I did fairly well? And the makeup did not smudge at all even when I was getting a little oily, not to mention sweaty, so that was totally satisfying. I didn't even put any primer whatsoever (because I forgot -- at the most all I had as a primer was some bb cream) and it still didn't budge at all! This picture was shot after maybe 6-7+ hours or so and the makeup really held up nicely.

All the gunk on my face is like... 'real' makeup. As in makeup-makeup and no face paints or theater makeup or anything fancy. (Life might've been much easier had I used more appropriate makeup though...)

If everyday were Halloween maybe life would be less cruel. That, or people might be a lot friendlier.

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